Hampton has experience over many years of successfully taking software products to international markets.

Building on these achievements Hampton has developed a system that enables other organisations to commercialise their software products in the most efficient and cost-effective way.

Hampton's achievements are in four key areas:

Product to Market

  • Established a "Centre of Excellence" for product development, sales, implementation and support of international banking systems
  • Deployed product, sales, implementation and support capability to a number of global regional centres
  • Developed "product to market" infrastructure for a software distribution and services company
  • Established distribution channels in the United Kingdom, Central America, Africa and the Middle East

Business Transactions

  • Sold a business to a wholly-owned subsidiary of Rolls Royce Group plc
  • Negotiated a merger with a U.S. Nasdaq listed company
  • Acquired intellectual property for an international banking system from a U.S. company
  • Management buy-out and later acquisition of Parent Company

Business Best Practice

  • New Zealand Small Exporter of the Year Finalist (Runner-up/Highly Commended)
  • Benchmarked against the Baldridge quality standard
  • Achieved ISO 9001 Accreditation

Technology and Innovation

  • Established software framework capability
  • High focus on re-usability
  • Experience in transitioning software development teams
  • Development of internationally recognised software products

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