AssessIT - Information Technology Capability Assessment

Hampton's AssessIT product provides a structured methodology to assess the technical and operational capability of an organisation. Designed for Information Technology Due Diligence or Review it provides a view of the business as it stands today, taking into consideration the objectives it wishes to achieve.

AssessIT assesses the balance that should exist within the business across Product, People and Process in terms of its capability maturity and delivers an easily understood executive report and risk-weighted scorecard, highlighting the areas of risk within the business.

Successfully developing software products is a challenging undertaking, considering the rapidity of change and innovation, and the commercial imperatives of taking product to market. An adhoc approach to assessing information technology capability results in an inaccurate understanding of the key areas of risk. A structured approach provides a more accurate assessment of the condition of the organisation and enables the Sponsor to make informed decisions.

In assessing the Information Technology capability, the following dimensions of risk are measured against the areas under review:

  • Barriers to Market Entry
  • Competitiveness
  • Scalability
  • Staff Capability
  • Funding

AssessIT considers each of the following areas of the business:

  • Product Packaging for Release
  • Marketing and Sales Development
  • Product Implementation
  • Client Support
  • Product Release
  • Technology/Software Engineering
  • Product Change Management
  • Business Support

AssessITprovides a flexible framework that can be tailored to take into consideration the Sponsor's key decision drivers and extended to accommodate specialised requirements.

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