ConquerIT - Information Technology Product to Market

Hampton's ConquerIT product provides an organisation with systems to support the commercialising of software products for the international market. ConquerIT is a set of operational business practices used to implement repeatability of process and achieve scalability in an accelerated timeframe.

Many organisations are not prepared for the operational stress that results from taking software products to the international market. Some of the common symptoms include an erosion of customer service, increasing pressure on support staff, unreliable product development cycles and resource retention issues. A reduction in performance results in missed opportunities and an inability to maximise the return on investment.

ConquerIT addresses these issues by providing a complete set of operational business practices and templates for each of the components of commercialising a software product. It provides a new perspective to the business and a map of the tasks that need to be considered to more effectively package and take software product to market. ConquerIT is implemented in conjunction with an operational plan and existing practices within the business.

ConquerIT provides the system including practices and templates to address each of the following areas:

DocumentIT - Documentation Management

  • Documentation Standards
  • Documentation Change Control Process

PackageIT - Product Packaging for Release

  • Product Business Planning Process
  • Financial Plan Analysis and Pricing Structures
  • Product Branding
  • Product Assessment
  • Risk Assessment
  • Product User Reference Guide
  • Product Licensing

ImplementIT - Product Implementation

  • Project Co-ordination
  • Project Administration
  • Implementation Scoping
  • Product Configuration
  • Product Installation
  • Product Training
  • Product Acceptance

SupportIT - Client Support

  • Client Management
  • Client Support
  • Client Product Management

ReleaseIT - Product Release

  • Product Release Management

DevelopIT - Technology/Software Engineering

  • Technology Management
  • Software Engineering
  • Research and Development

EvaluateIT - Software Evaluation

  • Software Evaluation Process

ChangeIT - Product Change Management

  • Product Change Management
  • Product Version Control

OrganiseIT - Business Support

  • Company Culture and Communication
  • Organisational Structure
  • Personnel Induction and Development
  • Corporate Branding

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