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Leveraging Intellectual Property

AssessIT - Assessing Information Technology Capability


A New Zealand organisation with a successful local software product wanted to increase the value of its intellectual property by marketing it internationally.

The Requirement

The organisation understood that success was dependent on the strategy it adopted to take the product to offshore markets, manage the risks, and gain the maximum leverage from its local success. Achieving these strategic objectives required the product to be aligned with a clearly defined target market, selection of the most appropriate channels and enhanced operational capability. The organisation recognised it would need to use specialist expertise to achieve the scale and repeatability of process it required in an accelerated timeframe.

The Implementation

Hampton was engaged to implement its Information Technology Capability Assessment product, AssessIT to assess the existing capability within the business and then provide the frameworks and services under an operational plan to implement the strategy. By using AssessIT prior to developing an Operational Plan, the Organisation gained an independent perspective of the key areas of risk/pressure points within the business and options for addressing these. This project included an assessment of all business functions concerned with packaging and commercialising the software product including:

  • Product packaging for release
  • Marketing/Sales development
  • Product implementation
  • Client Support
  • Product Release
  • Technology/Software Engineering
  • Product Change Management

The Deliverables

The deliverables to the VC firm included:

The AssessIT Report, containing:

  • An executive summary
  • Commentary on seven defined areas associated with packaging and commercialising the software product
  • An implementation strategy to address key issues
  • The AssessIT Scorecard (central to evaluating and providing a risk weighted ranking)

A Presentation

As part of Hampton's product innovation process the Organisation was asked to participate in a survey. The survey also enabled the client to address any specific questions about the project.

The Outcome

The organisation used the recommendations from the AssessIT Report to develop an Operational Plan and to implement strategies that addressed the key pressure points in the business. Existing resources were transitioned to 'a new way of doing business' to enable the implementation of new business practices to achieve the growth in product sales.

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