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Research and Development to Commercial Product, 2001

ConquerIT - Information Technology Product to Market


In the early 1990's a Research and Development (R&D) project was constituted to develop technology that could analyse word relationships within text and summarise the context for users in a visual form.. The research was based on natural language processing using statistical methods in linguistics. In the late 1990's a company was established to begin the commercialisation of this new product.

The Requirement

The Researchers had achieved R&D milestones and proceeded to test-market a prototype solution. This prototype provided a simple visualisation layer that allowed users to request and analyse the meaning of the information content. However the company still needed to evolve its commercial maturity at a strategic, operational and information technology level. Before it could begin a strategy of "accelerated growth" the company understood that it needed to correctly align its objectives and expertise with commercial best practice.

The Implementation

Hampton was engaged by the company to implement ConquerIT as a means to build the business structures needed to commercialise the software product for the international market. The ConquerIT systems introduced effective business disciplines and assisted in smoothing the transition that the Inventor faced moving from research to commercialisation.

To gain an understanding of the company's capability maturity and prior to embarking upon the ConquerIT implementation, Hampton used AssessIT, its Information Technology Capability Assessment product to assess the business across Product, People and Process.

At the completion of this phase, Hampton in conjunction with the company was able to configure the implementation of ConquerIT using the defined set of needs that were identified from the Information Technology Capability Assessment.

ConquerIT included the implementation of a set of operational business practices and customisation of these to the organisation's needs across:

  • Product packaging for release
  • Marketing/Sales development
  • Product implementation
  • Client Support
  • Product Release
  • Technology/Software Engineering
  • Product Change Management
  • Business Support

The Deliverables

The deliverables from AssessIT included:

  • The AssessIT Report, containing:
    • An executive summary,
    • Commentary on six defined areas associated with software engineering practice and product management
    • The AssessIT Scorecard (central to evaluating and providing a risk weighted ranking).
    • A Presentation

The deliverables from the ConquerIT implementation included:

  • Product Management
  • Software Engineering Practice
  • Sales and marketing management
  • Channel selection, engagement and management
  • R&D and Innovation Strategy
  • Intellectual Property Management
  • Change Management Practice
  • Operational Management structures

The Outcome

Hampton transitioned the software from a prototype solution to a marketable product and built the infrastructure of the business through the implementation of ConquerIT. The company achieved its initial sales targets and was positioned for its next stage of investment.

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