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Software Product to International Markets, 2000

ConquerIT - Information Technology Product to Market


A software company that had been successful in New Zealand, wanted to provide a new software product for the international banking market.

The Requirement

The company understood that to be successful in a highly competitive international market depended on having a 'leading edge' product, effective sales channels and a means to be competitive on price and delivery. Achieving these objectives required the development of international sales channels and an enhancement of their internal systems and processes to support the 'ramp up' in product sales. A local Centre of Excellence was required to develop the product, people and processes for the international roll out of the product. A second stage strategy required implementing the processes within international regional sales and support centres.

The Implementation

Hampton utilised ConquerIT, its Product to Market system, to transform the company's existing business practices into repeatable processes that could be implemented simultaneously across a number of international regions. ConquerIT was implemented across all areas of the business including:

  • Product packaging for release
  • Marketing/Sales development
  • Product implementation
  • Client Support
  • Product Release
  • Technology/Software Engineering
  • Product Change Management
  • Business Support

Hampton then implemented the Sales development, Product Implementation, Client Support, Software Engineering and Product Change Management components of ConquerIT into international regional centres.

The Deliverables

The deliverables to the company included:

  • Business Practices for each operational area of the business
  • Collateral to support the business practices
  • Templates for managing the business processes
  • Management of a release-based software product
  • Direct and reseller sales channel model
  • Fixed price implementation capability
  • Product implementations and support in Central America, North America, Middle east, Africa, Asia Pacific
  • Pro-active Client Support facility
  • Resource and business continuity

The Outcome

ConquerIT provided the means for the company to competitively price its product and services. It was able to deliver structured processes that had the flexibility to adapt to different markets and conditions. ConquerIT developed a way of doing business that was effective within a dynamic business environment. This enabled the business to scale its operations, leaving less to chance and reducing the risk of failure.

The company achieved ISO9001 accreditation for software development and customer service best practice. In the New Zealand Small Exporter of the Year Awards the company was recognised for its its high growth in foreign exchange earnings through strong leadership and vision.

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