Successfully commercialising software products

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Successfully Commercialising Software Products

Hampton Software Limited - The Value Catalysts

23 July 2001

By Hampton Software Limited

Successfully commercialising New Zealand software products for the global marketplace

Wellington-based Hampton Software Limited is working with New Zealand firms to successfully commercialise software products for the international marketplace.

Founders, Liz Swanston and Ted Thomas, established Hampton in 2001 after building a successful track-record in operating their own businesses to develop, market and support banking and finance applications for the international market.

In 1997 they merged their Wellington-based firm, Priority Solutions, with Phoenix International, a publicly listed company in the United States. This merger provided the firm with access to international distribution channels and enabled them to develop a number of standard processes to launch new products into the international market.

Their work to develop and market software products for the international banking sector was "Highly Commended" in the 1999 Small Exporter of the Year Awards.

The Principals of Hampton have used the experience of successfully taking software products to international markets to create a packaged system that focuses on enabling organisations to commercialise software products in an accelerated timeframe.

Hampton's system is designed to assess the technical and operational areas of a business, evaluate product to market strategies, and prepare an organisation's internal systems and processes for accelerated growth in product sales.

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